Cleaner production

A tool to self-assess your potentials in implementing Cleaner Production!

Always wanted to know how you can reduce your waste at sources? Would you want to cut costs and at the same time improve environmental quality and therefore reduce environmental treatment costs? This tool supports you in understanding the current resources consumption status of your company and comparing it with sector benchmarks to identify the gaps. It also shows you potential CP options that are applicable for your company. Please start with your numbers!

At this moment the tool only supports these following sectors: Paper, Leather, Textile, Steel production, Cement, Beer.


4 reasons why this tool is beneficial to you

  • 1 To calculate the resources consumption of your company
  • 2 To define the gap of resources consumption in your company in comparison with the optimum
  • 3 To identify potential CP opportunities that your company can apply
  • 4 To develop an action plan to improve resources efficiency in your company

Case study

Your results


The Eco-products JS (Cozy) owns 3 tea factories that produce about 800 tons of dry tea annually. These semi-finished products are sold to other businesses. They also deliver some final products under the brand names of “Kieu tea”, “Pho Co tea” and “Cozy tea”.

The SPIN consultants made a SWOT analysis of the company capacity by using the SWOT (resource) analysis tool. As a result, a certain number of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges were identified.