New product development

New products, new markets, more sales

Always wanted to create/ design your own products? Always wanted to create more diversity in your product portfolio and therefore withstand fluctations in sales? This tool supports you in analyzing your current markets and proposes suggestions for new products within your limits. Analyze the product features of competition to know howyour product can be distinctive. Integrate customers needs and company's vision into a new collection of products and start extending your current product portfolio now.


5 reasons why this tool is beneficial to you

  • 1 D4S NPD transforms technical ideas and market needs into a new product that is targeted on a specific market.
  • 2 A product which is especially designed to meet the needs of the target group and vision of the company.
  • 3 New markets needs a new segment of clients, which results in increased sales.
  • 4 How to tranfrom a follower to a pioneer.
  • 5 The product is significantly different from company's product portfolio, which contributes to a balanced product portfolio.

Case study

Your results

A Chau

A Chau was one company joining in the FLS mini project under the umbrella of SPIN project. This company was most interested in the product line of outdoor furniture, including sofa and bed. The D4S New Product Development tool was used to create new products for A Chau company. The concepts FLS felt appropriate for Truc Xinh was those that generally mixed fabric/hyacinth with bamboo materials. Functional details in use (e.g. expandable furniture) and subtle expression of material (e.g. curved bamboo shelter) would differentiate Truc Xinh from other bamboo furniture companies on the market.

A Chau’s strengths in bamboo products were exploited:

(1)Cozy outdoor structures: Creating outdoor bamboo furnishing that is meant for public space/communal use instead of private (e.g. a backyard).

(2)Structures that encourage users to be more physically active. This could be used in a common space by the beach for exercisers.