A tool to define companies' identity & offer

Always  wanted  to  know  how  to  describe  the  identity  of  your company?  Would  you  want  to  show  a  consistent  image  to  your clients about what you offer, what characterizes your company and what is unique about this? This tool supports you in analyzing your current  identity  and  offers  solution  to  align  your  wanted  identity with the products you offer. This so-called mission statement can supports  you  in  making  future  decisions  and  distinct  yourself  of competitors.  Please  start  with  defining  about  the  unique  aspects you can offer to your clients!


5 reasons why this tool is beneficial to you

  • 1 To create a short elevator pitch to quickly tell your buyers about your offer.
  • 2 To create an actionplan to improve the current situation.
  • 3 To create a consistent and coherent story about your business through all layers towards clients.
  • 4 To formulate guidelines to use as a compass for business decision-making.
  • 5 To identify the aspects why people should actually buy your products.

Case study

Your results

Thuy Phu Lang

Thuy Phu Lang (TPL) company is located in Bac Ninh province. Their main products are art ceramic products, mainly sold in domestic market. They desired to be successful with high class ceramic products in the near future, in terms of both reputation and finance. TPL had no prior experience with Cleaner Production or Product Innovation. 

Ms. Vera Winthagen, designer and product strategy expert, and Ms. Shauna Jin, D4S expert, together with Mr. Nguyen Hong Long, Mr. Tran Le Phuong and Mr. Nguyen Minh Hai, SPIN consultants, were involved in the consultancy. Among the tasks which targeted different approaches (e.g. branding, cleaner production), an assignment was given to the company director, Ms. Pham Thi Thuy, to figure out what she really wanted, and in which steps she wanted to do it. A checklist with questions was made for her, based on the SPIN theory about the vision, mission and planning for the company.                                        

With the application of DIY Mission tool in SPIN toolkit package and after 3 deep working sessions between SPIN consultants and TPL leader board, the company mission statement was formulated as below:

We always consider creativeness as the focal point for sustainable development, our goal is to bring the heritage of Phu Lang ceramics to domestic and international friends.

 The above mission was considered a good one as it could show the strengths of TPL as well as clarify the company‚Äôs direction for future development.