Maintenance Audit

Advanced industrial maintenance tool

Module "self-assessment of a company's maintenance capacity" is designed to cater for regular self-examination of maintenance management, personnel, administration and techniques. Thereby the company could realize its own strengths and weaknesses and know what needs to be done to improve the situation. This module is a software and should be used in conjunction with the document named "Advanced Industrial Maintenance Handbook"


6 reasons why this tool is beneficial to you

  • 1 Higher productivity (P): When the device is ready for operation at any required time and with good performance, continuous production with high capacity will be ensured.
  • 2 Higher quality (Q): An equipment in good conditions will create high-quality products.
  • 3 Lower cost (C): This helps reduce norms of energy and raw material consumed and labor used; keep the equipment in good conditions and require the operator to constantly pay attention to the parameters.
  • 4 Delivery time (D): This helps ensure delivery time, which plays a very important role in a range of fields such as shipbuilding or supplying consumers with goods during Christmas.
  • 5 Safety (S): Actual production and studies have shown that there is a direct connection between the device status and manipulation with the probability of accidents in production.
  • 6 Working morale (M): Advanced Maintenance is based on the promotion of each employee's self-control and creativity, especially those who work directly with the equipment.

Case study

Your results

Thuy Phu Lang

Thuy Phu Lang (TPL) company is located in Bac Ninh province. Their main products are art ceramic products, mainly sold in domestic market. They desired to be successful with high class ceramic products in the near future, in terms of both reputation and finance. TPL had no prior experience with Cleaner Production or Product Innovation. 

Ms. Vera Winthagen, designer and product strategy expert, and Ms. Shauna Jin, D4S expert, together with Mr. Nguyen Hong Long, Mr. Tran Le Phuong and Mr. Nguyen Minh Hai, SPIN consultants, were involved in the consultancy. Among the tasks which targeted different approaches (e.g. branding, cleaner production), an assignment was given to the company director, Ms. Pham Thi Thuy, to figure out what she really wanted, and in which steps she wanted to do it. A checklist with questions was made for her, based on the SPIN theory about the vision, mission and planning for the company.                                        

With the application of DIY Mission tool in SPIN toolkit package and after 3 deep working sessions between SPIN consultants and TPL leader board, the company mission statement was formulated as below:

We always consider creativeness as the focal point for sustainable development, our goal is to bring the heritage of Phu Lang ceramics to domestic and international friends.

 The above mission was considered a good one as it could show the strengths of TPL as well as clarify the company’s direction for future development.

Viet Quang

Viet Quang is a small family company with talented artisans who possessed traditional skills that few people had. The father and his two sons made a lot of good products and won numerous awards for their innovation and tradition features. In their production process, a lot of redundant materials were wasted, which not only resulted in environmental pollution but financial loss. The D4S Redesign tool was used to make this waste into something more commercially valuable, which also involved these artisans’ traditional skills.

They had quite a lot of unique products in their portfolio, including interior lamps, handbags, and baskets. Their products were sold very well and they almost never run out of new orders. However, Viet Quang company could not expand their production scale to meet larger orders.

Viet Quang products were redesigned to facilitate the outsourcing of products’ components to nearby households, by which creating seasonal jobs for local women.

In the end, the D4S Redesign tool application had resulted in 10 products made out of 25 designs and displayed at Life Style Fair 2011.