Energy Eficiency

A tool for efficient use of energy in industry

In production and business activities, energy costs usually make up 30 – 50% product cost. If company use energy efficiently, this means lowering product cost and creating the ability of competition in the market. You need to identify the areas wastefully using energy, and  energy saving options, in order to build the solutions for energy efficiency through energy auditing tools.


5 reasons why this tool is beneficial to you

  • 1 Assess current status of consumption and energy management of your company
  • 2 Know about the effectiveness level of energy consumption and energy efficiency solutions
  • 3 Help company reduce production costs
  • 4 Improve company image and competitiveness in the market
  • 5 Reduce CO2 emission which cause global warming and climate change.

Case study

Your results

Hanoi Textile and Garment Corporation (Hanosimex)

Hanoi Textile and Garment Corporation (Hanosimex) is one of the typical projects implemented by SYSTECH. The company has applied several options as follow:

-        Install variable frequency drive for small twister

-        Install Systech sewsaver (energy saving equipment) for industrial sewing machine to reduce engine power during idle mode

-        Replace 14,000 T10 40W light bulbs and magnetic ballast by T8 36W light bulbs and electronic ballast


-        Reduce: 17% of electricity consumption

-        Save: 720,000 kWh/year

-        Reduce electricity cost: 800 million VND/year

-        Reduce CO2 emission: 487 tons/year