Brand development

A tool to turn your company in a brand

Nowadays a company is not longer only a manufacturer. A company needs to have a distinctive identity. An identity with human characteristics to show your clients and your organization, how you do business and what they can expect. Branding increases the value of your product without making expensive investments into your product line or by increasing the knowledge of your employees. A brand tickles the imagination of your clients instead of only showing the physical aspects of your offering. And remember; what is stronger than the mind?


5 reasons why this tool is beneficial to you

  • 1 To create unique experience features besides physical product features.
  • 2 To enrich your business with a story, which address the imagination of your clients.
  • 3 To be more than just a manufacturer , branding is the new way of conducting business.
  • 4 Human characteristics are buyers' weakness and they are exposed by your brand
  • 5 Extremely useful in brochures or while having informal conversations about your business.

Case study

Your results

Suoi Giang

Suoi Giang Cooperative is based in Nghia Lo, Yen Bai. They produce finished products from green tea, which contributes to improve the lives of local H'Mong people, preserve and promote local ethnic culture. This kind of tea trees can grow naturally without any chemicals or fertilizers.

Beside vision and mission, the consultants also used the SPIN Branding tool to co-create and propose a strategic 5-year plan for this company. This was to help Suoi Giang Cooperative build an official brand for their tea products as well as a network of partners and customers for the company.

Plan on 5 years:


- Development with sustainable trend

- Correct competition, good relation, assurance, no impact environment

- Growth in depth not only by scope. Such as technology, marketing & branding.

- More regulation about safety and hygiene conditions

- Tea plantation area developing with large scale

- More project to support for building sector capacity

Customers (needs, demographic factors):

- High demand of taste, packaging.

- Tea consumer club

- High demand of various type of tea


Tea processing have to follow specification and standards, 

- Products should include knowledge and tradition

- Nice package, suitable with the customer demands.

- Should have quality and safe

- Easy to use


Make tea become significant role in country economic throughout : Support machine, equipment for tea processing and Control competition